• Andy Bateman

Recognised for decades of community service

Members of the Lions Club of Morpeth have willingly given years of service to the community.  Sometimes, however, certain members go above and beyond their ‘call of duty’ which gives the Club an opportunity to present an award in recognition. It was therefore felt by the members that Lions Robin Cooper and Den Gray fell into this category.

The recent ‘Meet the Lions’ event provided an ideal opportunity to make the awards as it brought to the attention of all the guests how much the Club appreciated these two members.

Robin Cooper has, for many years, been a link to the county’s Youth Support team.  As a result, he has stored furniture and household goods that have been given to families in need.  Additionally Christmas in his house has been like a Santa’s Grotto due to him and many Lions families collecting toys for distribution to children who were likely to receive little else.

The Club decided that Robin should be honoured with a Bert Mason Humanitarian Award which is the highest UK based Lions award available to a member.  The award is purchased from members own funds leaving charity funds intact.

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