• Andy Bateman

LionSwim2019. It all went… erm… swimmingly!

Recently nineteen teams participated in LionSwim 2019 at the Riverside Leisure Centre in aid of the Lions Club of Morpeth and their own organisations.  Over a five hour period they collectively swam over 47 km which would get you across the English Channel and half way back.  Hopefully there would be a rescue boat to get the swimmers the rest of the way!!

This year’s event was again organised by Lion Les Brindley.  The swimmers ages ranged from 7 to 75 and however the 2017 record for lengths swum remains.

The Mayor’s team was graced by the presence of himself and the Mayoress – but not as swimmers!!  They were raising funds for the Mayor’s charity – MIND.

In due course there will be a presentation of funds raised and trophies for the team with most sponsorship and for swimming most lengths and a third trophy that will be awarded to the junior team that swam most lengths.

Lion Les said ‘I wish to thank and congratulate all the swimmers for their efforts.  This is a very happy event and will hopefully lead to valuable funds being raised by the organisations involved.  My thanks go also to Morpeth’s Riverside Leisure Centre for their invaluable assistance; to local businesses who so kindly sponsor the event programme; and to my fellow Lions for ensuring the event runs smoothly.’


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