• Andy Bateman

FREE diabetes checks at the Morpeth Town Fair

The motto of Lions Clubs internationally is ‘We Serve’. For over 47 years, the Lions Club of Morpeth has striven to live up to the motto by giving (mainly local) assistance when requested.

This year, the Club is taking a pro-active stance with regard to one of life’s more recent scourges – DIABETES. The members nearly all know of someone in their family who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Many have been identified by having a simple test when visiting the Doctor. Early diagnosis has meant that treatment can quickly be implemented before the condition becomes worse.

For some, a visit to the Doctor can be off putting. Particularly if they think there might be a problem that they don’t wish to face.

With this in mind, The Lions have arranged for a fully equipped Mobile Diabetes Unit to be present at the forthcoming Morpeth Town Fair. This is staffed by professionals who can make a diagnosis within 5 minutes and if necessary recommend a follow up visit to the GP. Hopefully an ‘all clear’ message is the one given out. Everyone will be handed a certificate to confirm they took part in the Pre-Screening.

This will all take place in the Market Place on Sunday, June 9th from 10am to 4pm. There is no cost involved although participants might like to make a donation to the Lions Club to help defray costs.

The Club members recommend everyone to attend, even if it is just for an up-date. It is your health!

Head over to facebook to register your interest here.

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